I know I know. What was I thinking. But hey, everyone has embarrassing days.
For me those embarrassing days were (as i call it) ‘My Boy Phase’. I had a boy cut, I wore baggy dull clothes, and I used to shop in the boys corner. I wasn’t inspired by someone..but you can say I HATED being a girl. It was annoying. Being called a girl, a weak person or sometimes just useless. I was small and now I realize that getting my hair cut was OBVIOUSLY not the right choice. But I don’t regret it at all.

During my boy phase..all I did was skateboard and play soccer. I refused to listen to my mom. I became untidy. I was rowdy. I used to burp out loud. I was stuck to my PSP. I was immature. In other words and in the true sense, I was just another teenage boy.

Being a girl, BUT being a boy (behavior, appearance) got me some of the craziest experiences..something a girl (gender wise) wouldn’t get to experience ever. I used to walk into public bathrooms and get yelled at by crazy women saying that “This is the girls loo”. Helpless and oblivious I would walk into the boys loo and fix my hair and come out. I would go to my girl friends birthdays and exit as the “Cute boy all the girls had a crush on”. And now, the best story.

My parents and I were  on our way back from Goa. I was 13. We got the seats near the emergency exit and as per rule, those seats are meant for 16+. The air hostess walked up to my mother and said “How old is your son, ma’am?”. My mom smiled and said “Daughter. My daughter is 13″. The air hostess apologized and told my mother that she would have to change my seat because I was too young to be sitting there. So she put me on the seat right in front of the emergency exit seats, with a boy who was my age. I took my PSP and sat with the boy. He extended his hand and said “Hi Im Mayank”. “Anya..”i said with a smile shook hands. He must haven’t heard my name properly. HE DIDN’T.

An hour into the flight we became best friends. Discussing video games and wrestlers. And then I asked him THE question. “So do you have any girl friends?”. “CHHEEE. (Yuck) I HATE GIRLS”. I froze. “Why are you talking to me then?” I asked him. “You’re not a girl” he laughed. “Of course I am!! I just have a boy cut. Besides why would a boy be named Anya?”. He put his head down and slept. We didn’t speak after that.

I will never forget this.

And now here I am! 4 years later. I LOVE shopping for clothes, the only difference is that now they’re skirts. I refuse to listen to my mom, the only difference is that its when she says ‘No’ for a party. My drawers are extremely untidy..the only difference is that its my make up that’s scattered.

Every person NEEDS a CHANGE. In some way or the other to realize things in life and to discover/re-discover themselves. And I surely got my share.



Taarini Ravjit


We all have people in our lives who have been with us for the longest time. A person whose been with you through your good and bad times. Through the fights, the laughter, the scoldings, the sarcasm, the humor. Endless conversations, chocolate making sessions, charity work, homework, sleepovers, football practice and a million other things. For me, its her.

Taarini Ravjit, the insanely talented woman. Artist, footballer for India, amazing bathroom singer, mad athlete, head girl of YPS (batch of ’13) and my best friend since class 4. From a purple dress and tweety clips to a beggars attire (we shared that feature) to baggy clothes to finally a closet filled with clothes from Zara, something that never changed was our completely crazy bond. From evil twins to partners in crime. How can one explain 12 years of friendship?

Practicing ‘Black Magic’ on her neighbors. Begging for an extra cold coffee AND managing to get it FOR FREE from Barista (Manali) with the excuse that there is NO Barista in Chandigarh. Fooling our school that we’re twins and were separated LONG back AND succeeding. Getting boy cuts, naming ourselves Tarun and Anmay and teasing GIRLS. Copying DUMB people. Fighting over petty issues. Puns AND puns AND PUNS. Finishing each others homework. Making fun of people. Coming up with some of the best ideas. Endless birthday cards both ways. A million secrets. SO many plans for the future. Crying together after our Maths exam. Doing a countdown for our class X result. Making fun of people AFTER the result. Birthday wishes at 12 o’clock. And having a scrapbook full of these incidents.

Loved by everybody, this girl is a GEM. People who are her friends are keepers forever. The parents of the friends look at her and wish they had a child like her. My own father for example. This HILARIOUS mad child is what you call ‘perfection’. She never gives up on anything.

I love you.


Anya: A Rather Unusual Name

A lot of people aren’t named Anya. Maybe cause a lot of people didn’t kick their mommy endlessly in the womb, so endlessly that it lead to their name being Anya..which in  Sanskrit means ‘inexhaustible’. Yes. I was named on the basis of my actions even before i was born. I think that’s pretty crazy. But i don’t mind it one bit..and i’m sure my parents don’t either since it is extremely appropriate even now. And no i don’t kick her still just in case you’re wondering.

My name originates from a lot of countries and has different meaning in all, for obvious reasons. Anya in Russian means ‘Gracious’ or ‘Bringing goodness’. In Sanskrit means ‘Inexhaustible’. In Greek means ‘Resurrection’ and in Urdu means ‘Unique’.

When people ask me the meaning of my name, I prefer telling them the Sanskrit and the Urdu meaning. If you asked me, like my mother, I would also prefer the word ‘inexhaustible’ most suitable for myself. For several reasons..the popular one being a chatterbox.

I have never come across someone whose name is Anya. But i would love to. So all the Anya’s out there, feel free.